• High blood pressure reasons differ by gender in teens; young adults abs 44 Dr. Syme and Dr. Pausova.jpgStudy Highlights: Gender matters when it comes to what’s most likely to elevate blood pressure in young to middle-aged adults. The volume of blood pumped from the left ventricle during heartbeats, i.e., stroke volume, is the main determinant of blood pressure levels in women, while blood pressure in […]

  • Women with pregnancy complication may have impaired heart function after delivery Women who develop preeclampsia in earlier pregnancy are more likely than women without the condition to have thickening of the left heart muscle one month after delivery. The heart muscle changes were more severe among women who developed preeclampsia before 34 weeks of pregnancy. In another study, telehealth monitoring shows promise to reduce hospital […]

  • Maintaining healthy weight helps keep blood pressure low through life weight check.jpgStudy Highlights: Maintaining a healthy weight is a key health behavior to prevent blood pressure increases from young adulthood into middle age. These findings support the need to create interventions that will help people maintain normal body weight throughout their lives.

  • Mantener un peso saludable ayuda a tener una baja presión arterial durante toda la vida on scale.jpgAspectos destacados del estudio: Mantener un peso saludable supone un aspecto clave para prevenir aumentos de la presión arterial desde la juventud hasta la madurez. Estos hallazgos apoyan la necesidad de crear intervenciones que ayuden a las personas a mantener un peso normal durante toda la vida.